About Us

About Us

A Short History

 The Readers Association came into existence with the announcement of a plan to create a National Library independent of the Hebrew University. After four years of intensive activity as an amuta (2008), its email list now boasts nearly 400 members.

Representatives of the Association attended Knesset Education Committee sessions devoted to the National Library Law—2007. Their presence ensured inclusion of clauses relating to readers' interests.

The association follows developments at the library with the aim of protecting the public interest.

Our main goals at this stage:

• to ensure that readers’ needs are considered in the process of developing a new National Library

• to ensure the maintenance of the National Library’s status as an outstanding academic library

The Vaad

The Readers Association was founded by Prof. Avraham Greenbaum and Dr. Nadia Zeldes. They recruited a number of "heavy library users" to the cause.

Meet the founders and board members.

Achievements and Objectives

More on the establishment and activities of the Readers Association; Also available as a handout(PDF document, opens in new window).

For articles on the library, the new law, and our activities see our Links page.