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Receive our postings and updates on what’s happening at the National Library from the readers’ perspective. To sign up for our mailing list (without formally joining the amuta), please submit your request using our contact-us form


Anyone who cares about the future of the National Library is invited to join.

Dues for 2021 are 50 shekels for regular members; 25 shekels for students. If your status, e-mail, or street address has changed, please update them on the form.

As a member you will be invited to attend our annual meeting and will receive updates on developments at the National Library by email.

To join the National Library Readers Association please download and print this form.

(PDF file, opens new window)

Please mail your filled-out form and your check to:

National Library Readers Association

P.O.B 39118

Givat Ram

Jerusalem, 9139002