What You Can Do

1. Draft new members to the group: they do not necessarily have to be academics, simply people interested in preserving our cultural heritage and enjoying library services, exhibitions, and broadening their horizons.

2. Make a donation to the library or suggest potential donors. The library’s quasi-independent status means that donations are now fully and directly received by the library and no overhead is deducted by the university. In addition, any funds coming to the library through our association will be directed to book purchases.

Our members are also encouraged to inquire if the library would be interested in receiving donations of their published books. For book donations contact the gifts department.

3. New initiative: recommend an item for purchase by the library.

The library invites readers to make recommendations for purchases. It is also interested in filling gaps in the collections. The link to the online form is: http://web.nli.org.il/sites/NLI/English/library/services/forms/Pages/Acquisition.aspx

4. Direct contacts by readers with the administration

We ask that readers raise issues individually and directly with the administration by sending individual emails to the appropriate functionary in the library with a BCC to info@nlreadership.org.il. Sending us a copy will enable us to map the issues that are presently of greatest concern to the readers. Links to the members of the administration can be found on the library website: